Growing Together

Infant Feeding Care

Supporting successful early feeding experiences with special care given to creating meaningful bonds and promoting healthy growth and development.

Your Feeding Journey

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding, or transitioning to solids we are here to help you create a calm environment in which to feed, understand, and bond with your baby.

Empowering Families

Providing education, guidance, and compassionate infant feeding care.


Feeding a baby often raises questions. We will guide you through all of those very important how, what, and why questions about infant feeding, communication, and development.


Understanding infant feeding skill development and recognizing the signs of feeding difficulties or a swallowing disorder (dysphagia) help us to establish successful feeding experiences.


Infant feeding takes a village. We are here to provide support while you and your baby work together to build a positive feeding relationship.


Treating Vermont, New York, and Connecticut

We provide in-person or telehealth services for families in Vermont and telehealth services for those in New York and Connecticut. Special attention is always given to creating a peaceful environment in which to feed, understand, and bond with your baby.

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Few times in one's life do you meet that therapist who really "gets it." Alisa was that person for us and our young son, Ryan. Never judgmental, always supportive, and putting patient care and patient-focus above all else, we always felt that whatever recommendations Alisa made, she truly had our son's best interest at heart. I can remember us saying time and again that "he'll just never eat solid foods." During feeding therapy, Alisa got our son, who subsisted on a fully liquid diet, to not only try solid foods but also to expand his intake to three meals a day. I found her to be honest, trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable as well as sensitive and caring to both the child and the family's needs. She draws from a wide array of professional experiences and settings, which translated into thoughtful, comprehensive and practical recommendations. She always made it her mission to consider many factors in her approach and provide suggestions and encouragement where needed. My only lament is that we did not meet her sooner! I recommend her without reservation.